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Dream ChatBots

Dream ChatBots

26 Mar 2024 By admin
Category: DreamTalk
Tags: ChatBots
<h1>Dream ChatBots</h1>

Table of Contents



Discover how Festival Open-air Berg-Birwinken revolutionized ticket sales and income generation with a strategic Chatfuel bot integration. Witness a 25% surge in attendees and cost-efficient subscriber acquisition, enhancing both revenue and environmental impact.

1. Improvement in the business Growth

Festival open air berg was able to provide a better experience for their attendees through chatbots, ticketing, and referral system. Chatbots improve your business growth by:

  • 24/7 availability for the customers
  • Simultaneous reply of thousands of customer queries
  • Consistent answers which improve the customer’s experience
  • Seamless transaction improving customer satisfaction
  • Personalization through nice interactive communication
  • Omni-channel communication of customers with different businesses
  • Multilingual (Reaching a lot of new customers by breaking the language barrier)
  • Increased Return on investment by different methods driving sales increased efficiency etc.
  • Lead generation by initiating conversation, offering value, etc.

WotNot chatbots are meant to work fluidly across numerous channels and technologies, regardless of the platform. Integrate bots into your users' preferred platforms and meet them where they are.

2. DreamTalk Chatbots: Boosting Sales and Leads


Our team determined the functional requirement of system by their business objectives, target user, competition and also prospective market segments to understand Execution of the framework.

3. Business Integration: A Comprehensive Overview

DREAMTALK takes complete responsibility to build setup, deliver and maintain the bot from start to finish. DREAMTALK gives you everything you need to successfully build and manage the Chatbots. Our team enables the integrations by using some software, backend system, company knowledge and target Chatbots platform.

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4. Training, Monitoring, and Optimization

Chatbots constantly evolving and effectively self-learn under supervision through quality data training in order to fix error excel personalized communications and flow the business process with ease. The bot performance is monitor by analyzed conversational logs and usage insight to fix the breakage point. Analytics also helps to measure the Bots ROI and run A/B test to optimize the conversational flow and customer experiences.

5. Process Upgrades and Automation

DREAMTALK enhance your existing process and improve their performance instead of introducing new process. DREAMTALK ensure accuracy and independence from human errors. Our expert determine the solution to take a close up look at industry specific use case, application and impact of chatbots from your business.

6. Customization and Consultation Services

A solid chatbot strategy ensures optimal execution by analyzing user stories, technology platform and product roadmap. Execution ensure right from conception and deliberation to conversational flow visualization, developing a POC, publishing and maintenance of bot. Customer experience improve by using Al technologies intelligence and automatic conversation. Al technologies analyzed conversational performance from the input.

7. Offerings


Complete Set-up

  • Simple pricing model with no hidden charges
  • Plug and play service (can opt for any number of services and enabled/disabled at any point of time)
  • Scalability (can increase the number and functions of the chatbots)
  • Equipped with advanced Intelligence tools and learning capabilities
  • Integration of chatbots with intelligence (Messenger, Whatsapp, etc.), backend systems, and internal software all fall under one communication umbrella, making the bot more natural and approachable
  • Analytics and Human Handover: Through a human handover function, a bot can comprehend user expectations and solve difficult issues and escalations
  • BIGTALK AI chatbots easily available on all your favorite channels such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Websites, and Instagram

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