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Expertise Areas

Our Fields of Expertise

We thrive on tailoring cutting-edge strategies to provide clients with the best solutions in the industry.


Artificial Intelligence

At Vishvena, we are at the forefront of innovation, utilizing Artificial Intelligence to transform key sectors, including Agriculture, Fleet Management, Health, and Defence. Our commitment lies in delivering cutting-edge solutions that optimize operations, improve efficiency, and drive progress in these vital domains.

At Vishvena, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of AI applications, contributing to a future where technology creates sustainable solutions and secures our world. Join us as we pioneer advancements that shape the way industries operate and evolve. Vishvena - Where AI meets Excellence.


Internet of Things

  • Specializes in shaping deep tech innovation.
  • Leverages IoT for solutions in healthcare, agriculture, and fleet management.
  • Holds patents for inventions like TRINETRA IoT software and chromatic jaundice detection.
  • Actively revolutionizing farming practices with drone systems.
  • Enhances commercial transportation through camera-based AI devices.
  • Dedicated to transforming industries with viable and valuable deep tech solutions.


Vishvena's Drone Division: Pushing Boundaries in Aerial Tech. Our expertise in IoT, AI, and advanced hardware drives innovation for agriculture, logistics, and emergency response. Reliability, simplicity, safety, our commitment to revolutionizing sectors is unwavering. Expect big things.

  • 1. Innovating Aerial Solutions Globally.
  • 2. Transforming Industries through Drone Technology.
  • 3. Reliable, Safe, and Futuristic Drones.


In our pursuit of technological innovation, Vishvena places a strong emphasis on software solutions that drive efficiency, precision, and advancement across key sectors. Our Software Section plays a pivotal role in reshaping Agriculture, Fleet Management, Health, and Defence. Explore how Vishvena leverages software to catalyze transformative changes


Intellectual Property

"Vishvena specializes in Intellectual Property (IP) services, safeguarding businesses' innovations worldwide. Our tailored solutions cover patents, trademarks, and copyrights, empowering clients to maximize the value of their intangible assets while ensuring legal compliance and competitive advantage"

"Vishvena is dedicated to guiding businesses through the complexities of Intellectual Property (IP) management. From patent searches to licensing agreements, our expert team offers strategic support at every stage, helping clients protect and leverage their innovations effectively."

Expertise Areas